Wall-mounted Air Conditioner Inverter HSIC 12TMU 2022

Wall-mounted Air Conditioner Inverter HSIC 12TMU 2022


- 3D auto airflow & Silver Nano filter

- Vitamin C & Carbon Filter

- Wifi connection, Inverter technology for energy saving

- Suitable for area ≤ 15m² ( < 45 m³)

Funiki HSIC 12TMU is new model launched in 2022 which is equiped with outstanding fuctions to ensure not only the best working performance but also durability. Its elegant design is perfect to all room interior design.

Fast Cooling with Turbo Mode

The user presses the Turbo button on the remote to activate Fast Cooling/Heating mode.

Health care from the basics

Living in modern life with the increase in global pollution, it is essential to be more conscious of health protection, starting with the basics like the air we breathe. More than just conventional cooling, the 2022 Funiki Split-type air conditioner is equipped with special features to destroy germs and deodorizeunpleasant smell, providing a truly safe, cool, and fresh atmosphere.

3D auto airflow

The directional air outlet moves automatically in 4 ways (left – right, up – down) to direct air flow to every corner of the room, bringing a pleasant feeling for the users.

Wifi smart connection

Wifi connected and smart control via app named NetHome Plus. Users can easily turn the aircon on/off, adjust the temperature, wind speeds or set the operation modes… anytime, anywhere.

Self diagnosis

The error code displayed on the LED screen of indoor unit makes maintenance quick and easy.

Superior design for outdoor unit

Funiki air conditioners use copper tubes in the outdoor unit, which are more durable than other common materials. The radiator on the indoor and outdoor units are plated with a protective cover that is more resistant to rust and corrosion than conventional plating. Therefore, it helps increase machine life and prevents bacteria from proliferating and spreading effectively.

Energy saving with Inverter

With Inverter air conditioners, when the desired temperature has been set, the compressor will run at low power regularly, reducing maximum power loss. At the same time, the temperature in the room is always maintained at a stable level, which helps users always feel comfortable. Thanks to the stable running speed, Inverter air conditioners also last longer than conventional air conditioners.

Quiet operation

The noise level of the Funiki air conditioner motor during operation is reduced to only 25dB, equivalent to the silence in a library. As a result, the whole family has a good night's sleep without being disturbed by noises coming from the air conditioner.

Dual filters

The dual filters on the new generation Funiki air conditioner is integrated with Vitamin C and Carbon filter membranes. When it is on, the strong deodorizing properties of activated carbon will take task of suppressing odors, smell of food in the air, and other unpleasant odors, make the air cleaner after passing through the filter. At the same time, vitamin C ions are releasedto atmospheres, preventing the effects of ultraviolet rays, increasing the elasticity and rejuvenating the skin.


Heat capacity - Cooling (W)



4.66 (5 star)

Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF)

15m² - dưới 20m² (≤ 60 m³)

Usable area

Detailed product parameters: Wall-mounted Air Conditioner Inverter HSIC 12TMU 2022

Model  HSIC 12TMU   
Type  Cooling
Inverter Function  Yes
Usable Area Từ 15m² - dưới 20m² (≤ 60 m³)


Parameters  Unit HSIC 12TMU
Type    Cooling 
 Refrigerant/weight   R32/440  
Capacity (Cooling)  W 3517
Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF)   4.66 (5 star)
Powersupply  Phase    1 Ph 
Rated Current  A 4,58
Input  W 1030
Product dimension (WxDxH) Indoor Unit  mm 805x205x295  
Outdoor Unit  720x270x495  
Packing dimension (WxDxH) Indoor Unit  mm 905*355*290  
Outdoor Unit  835*300*540  
Weight (Net/Gross) Indoor Unit  kg 8.9/11.8  
Outdoor Unit  21.7/23.7  
Refrigerant piping Liquid Side  mm 9,52  
Gas Side 6,35  
Indoor Air Flow (High/Medium/Low) m³/h 575/414/329  
Gas pipeline limit Standard pipe length  m 3
Max. pipe length  m 15
Max. different in level m 5
Power supply (Indoor/Outdoor unit)   Indoor Unit
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