Hoa Phat Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd - Affirming its position

Established in 2001, Hoa Phat Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd has 20 years of experience in producing Refrigerators, Coolers and Freezers with the Hoa Phat and Funiki brands.

All of the company’s production lines, equipment, and machines are imported from well-known global brands as well as applying state-of-the-art technology and full automation to ensure stability and durability for its products. On this basis, the quality product lines have been created, which have affirmed the Company's position in the market and helped it confently compete with products of famous global brands.

For many consecutive years, the Company is always listed in the Top 500 Enterprises which pay the biggest budget to the State and becomes one of the leading enterprises honored as a representative of the country, protected by national prestige for brands with the best policies. The Company not only leads in the domestic market but also affirms its position in the global market.

Refrigeration products with Hoa Phat - Funiki brand are always the top choice for construction projects, restaurants, hospitals, schools and consumers, etc across the country.




Hoa Phat Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd always invests in improvement ò production technology in the most modern direction with the goal of localization, bringing high-quality products with the most reasonable price to consumers across the country.

In 2014, Hoa Phat Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd was honored to be selected as Vietnam's only refrigerator and freezer manufacturer to receive the World Bank's sponsorship for the "HCFC substance elimination program" for protecting users and the environment.

Hoa Phat Freezer Manufacturing Factory was built in 2001 and located in the campus of Hoa Phat Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd with an area of over 10,000m2. In August 2013, the Company invested more than VND 200 billion to increase the freezer manufacturing capacity to 300,000 products/year.

The automatic three-cavity vacuum forming machine creates high-quality wing components and minimizes wastes.


The processing line of mechanical shells and the interior of the freezer is completely automatic, from the stage of taking the workpiece to the finished product. The PU pouring line system imported from Italy, with advanced technology ensures the best insulation of freezer products, prevention of heat loss and energy saving.

The Company imports the system of vacuum sealers, gas filling machines, gas leak detectors from Germany and Denmark to ensure that the freezer products are vacuumed and filled with gas, automatically sealed with absolute accuracy.

The whole product cooling function testing system with modern computer software brings a high accuracy in the product quality control process.

The whole assembly line is imported from famous suppliers, with a fully automatic control system from the first stage of production to the warehouse stage in order to reduce the labor in the production process, which shall create high productivity, reasonable price and best quality in the production process.


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