Hoa Phat Freezer – The perfect choice for food preservation

Due to busy life, many housewives have found a freezing solution to ensure food needs for the family in a certain period. Hoa Phat Freezer has been trusted by many housewives to preserve and freeze food for a long time. So, what are the factors that help Hoa Phat freezers win the trust of housewives like that?

Fast cooling, Fresh food preservation

This is a prerequisite when choosing a freezer for many housewives and consumers. Hoa Phat freezers are manufactured through a modern, fully automatic production line, with a compressor of high cooling efficiency. Multi-directional cold air flow helps the space inse the refrigerator to be cooled in a fast and deep way. For Hoa Phat Freezers with two modes of Freeze and Cool, the cooling temperature is always maintained in the range of 0oC to 10oC, which is suitable for preserving water, vegetables, beer, etc. The temperature of freezing compartment is to - 18oC, which is suitable for preserving frozen foods such as meat, fish and ice cream, etc. Thanks to such features, food stored in Hoa Phat freezer always retains its freshness, therefore, the housewives can keep the taste of food as it was bought.


Super durable, super power-saving

Hoa Phat freezer has always been known as a super energy-saving product line thanks to its Inverter compressor technology. This is one of the modern technologies to save energy when using appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, etc including Freezers. In addition, such technology also helps the freezer operate in a smooth and noise-reducing way.

The body and door of the freezer are made of thick powder-coated steel, which makes the surface beautiful and rust-free during usage. For Hoa Phat freezers, a 50mm-62mm Polyurethane insulation layer and tempered glass that cover the whole surface are used to help the freezer well retain heat and limit heat loss to the outse.

Diverse capacity, categories and designs to meet the use needs

In order to meet a variety of use demands, Hoa Phat Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd has launched product lines of different designs and 100L-1700L capacities. The most suitable capacity for households of less than 7 members or grocery stores and small businesses is from 100L – 500L, and from over 500 to 1700L for the needs of large stores which specialize in trading seafood.


Prestigious brand, 30-month warranty

Hoa Phat Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd, thanks to nearly 20 years of development, always keep its mind to prove the best quality products to customers. Hoa Phat freezer products are one of the few products with a 30-month warranty period. This is consered the Company's commitment to product quality.

In addition, the Company has built a warranty system, including over 60 warranty stations across the country, which are ready to support and prove the best after-sales services for customers.


Other utilities

In addition to the above-mentioned utilities, Hoa Phat freezer is designed with wheels to create easy movement when you want to change its position to suit different spaces. The temperature control panel right outse the freezer’s body to adjust the temperature according to each type and different amount of food. With inner baskets, it is easy to sort food by category without wasting much time. The freezer’s internal part is flat, therefore, it is easy to clean and remove dirty water resues if any.

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