Discover the Funiki air conditioner of Hoa Phat standard durability

Funiki has durable quality, stable operation and safety for consumers' health, therefore, it has always been well received by the market over the past 2 decades.

Hoa Phat - the number 1 steel producer in Vietnam - is a familiar name in the market. Hoa Phat's reputation is associated with products such as construction steel, steel pipes, corrugated iron, etc, however, perhaps only a few customers know that, in addition to such heavy industrial products, Hoa Phat is the owner of the Funiki trademark – a long-standing refrigeration brand through 20 years of establishment and development.

Hoa Phat's products are trusted by customers because Hoa Phat always takes quality as the core for all products, applies modern technology and the most advanced lines in the world. As a product of Hoa Phat Group, Funiki air conditioner is not an exception. Let's discover what creates the "Hoa Phat standard durability" of the Funiki air conditioner.


Modern production lines

Funiki air conditioners are imported from Malaysia and Thailand as CBUs, manufactured through the world's most advanced automation line and operate smoothly, without noise. Funiki products not only reach durability but also have many modern and convenient features for users.

Strict testing

Before reaching users, Funiki air conditioners undergo many rigorous tests, which minimizes defective products. The tests include EMC Test (electromagnetic compatibility test) and Energy Efficiency Test.

EMC test verifies whether electromagnetic waves emitted during operation are low enough to avo interference with other equipment and meet EMC standards in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the Energy Efficiency Test accurately guarantees the power saving of air conditioner. This requirement is very important because this parameter reflects the conversion of the machine's energy consumption into cooling capacity. The higher the energy efficiency index is the more energy is saved.

CDetails handled to increase durability

The radiator of the Funiki air conditioner is plated with a protective layer which has higher anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance than conventional plating, thereby, increasing the product life, effectively preventing bacteria from multiplication and spread and bearing corrosion due to corrosive substances caused by external agents such as rain, sea salt vapor, etc.

Beses, the air conditioner’s electrical box is sealed with fireproof sheet metal and fastened to protect and prevent electric shock, fire, insects and moisture.

Meet the quality standards:

Funiki air conditioner products comply with all the essential industry standards and market regulations. Funiki is one of the few units in Vietnam, manufacturing a four-star energy-labelled product - a sign of its outstanding energy efficiency.

With a 30-month warranty, Funiki gives consumers maximum reassurance about product quality. Within 30 months, just call the hotline 18001022 (toll free), your product will be checked and guaranteed by a professional technical team across the country.

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