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14/10/2021 10:28

3 models of genuine Funiki Inverter refrigerators - Super energy-saving [2021]

Since its birth, Inverter refrigerators have attracted special attention from Vietnamese consumers thanks to advanced Inverter technology, ...
14/10/2021 10:24

Hoa Phat Freezer – The perfect choice for food preservation

Due to busy life, many housewives have found a freezing solution to ensure food needs for the family in a certain period. Hoa Phat Freezer ...
03/07/2021 11:03

Discover the Funiki air conditioner of Hoa Phat standard durability

Funiki has durable quality, stable operation and safety for consumers' health, therefore, it has always been well received by the market ...
03/07/2021 10:56

5 reasons why Funiki is a home air conditioner worth buying for this summer

Air conditioners are becoming more indispensable household items in every family, especially in the hot summer. After nearly 20 ...
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