Funiki FR-91CD 90L refrigerator

Funiki FR-91CD 90L refrigerator


- Usable capacity: 90 liters

- Refrigerant R134a

- Cooling type: Direct

Funiki FR-90 CD mini refrigerator is manufactured through modern lines and advanced technology. Manufactured by famous brands in the world, the compressors operate in a smooth and energy-saving manner.

Compact design

The Funiki R134a FR-91CD is the line of mini refrigerator that can be compactly designed, suitable for small and medium spaces. With a compact design, such 46-liter mini refrigerator will be the ideal choice for small families of two members, students and hotels, etc.

Easy temperature adjustment

Funiki FR-91CD mini refrigerator has a temperature control knob, therefore, you can easily customize the suitable temperature, depending on the type and amount of food to be stored. By this way, the cooling efficiency is optimized so that food is preserved for a longer time.

Fast cooling

The direct cooling system helps to cool quickly because the cold air blows directly to the food. The Funiki FR-91CD mini refrigerator uses electricity very economically, therefore, you can rest assured to use it, without worries about electricity costs at the end of the month.

Ice tray with lid

The Funiki mini refrigerator FR-91CD is equipped with a lid, which is very anti-odor when you store fresh food.


Usable capacity ( Litre )


Electrical power ( W )


Cooling type


Dimensions (W×D×H) mm

Detailed product parameters: Funiki FR-91CD 90L refrigerator


(Including base)
 Height mm 831
 Width 441
 Depth 472
Usable capacity Litre 90
Fruit and vegetable box   none
Weight Kg 20,5
Cooling type   Direct
Color   Gray
Power source   220V/50Hz
Electrical power W 75
Refrigerant   R134a



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