Hoa Phat two-compartments two-wing Inverter freezer HCFI 606S2Đ2

Hoa Phat two-compartments two-wing Inverter freezer HCFI 606S2Đ2


- Usable capacity: 245 liters

- Type of two modes (Frozen/Cool), two wings

- Inverter technology – Energy saving

Funiki freezer HCFI 606S2Đ2 is manufactured through modern line, nice and reliable design and advanced and modern technologies. The compressor owns high-quality, quiet operation and fast cooling.


Hoa Phat freezer Inverter HCFI 606S2Đ2 significantly saves electricity thanks to Inverter technology. Thanks to such technology, the compressor operates in a smooth and durable way and temperature is stably maintained for perfect food preservation.

2 separate storage compartments for convenient food storage

Hoa Phat freezer Inverter HCFI 606S2Đ2 with 2 compartments and 2 modes (Freeze/Cool) has 2 convenient separate compartments including: Freezing compartment: Deep cooling temperature of ≤ -18°, deep and effective freezing, suitable for preserving some foods such as meat, fish, etc for a long time Cooling compartment: Temperature ranges from 0° C – 10° C, suitable for preserving some foods for a short time In addition, a compartment temperature control knob is aranged outside the freezer to conveniently protect the food for a long time, make it easy for users to adjust the temperature according to their needs and save energy.

Energy saving – Fast cooling

As one of the quality freezer products in the market, the Hoa Phat Inverter freezer HCFI 606S2D2 owns fast cooling, smooth and durable operation thanks to: - Pure copper indoor unit: Pure copper material increases heat transfer, accelerates cooling speed and effectively prevents heat loss. - Refrigerant R600a: optimizing cooling efficiency, saves energy and becomes extremely friendly to the living environment.

Safe food storage

The current demand for cold food preservation is sharply increasing, including both food businesses and busy families. Compared to the refrigerator, the freezer is a more efficient preservation method thanks to its fast cooling capacity that allows food to be stored longer. Thanks to deep, multi-dimensional cold technology, Hoa Phat freezer Inverter HCFI 606S2D2 brings a solution for deep freezing to ≤ -18° C, which preserves all nutrients and ensures safety and health for users.

Tempered glass only available in Hoa Phat Freezer

The tempered glass in the Hoa Phat Inverter Freezer HCFI 606S2D2 has good mechanical strength and heat retention, scratch resistance, ensuring aesthetics as well as safety for users. The glass rim is made of a large plastic splint to seal the freezer, which increases the heat retention and limits snow in the freezer.

Good heat retention

The 50mm-62mm Polyurethane insulation layer helps the freezer well retain heat. Insulation foam uses the environment-friendly Cyclopentane, ensuring food safety and user health. The thickness of insulation foam layer is designed up to 62mm, which creates a breakthrough in insulation technology and well keeps coolness (especially in case of power failure for a long time, the inside of the freezer stays cold longer than other brands) and saves power consumption.

Convenient design

Hoa Phat Inverter freezer HCFI 606S2D2 is integrated with details to bring the most convenience and comfort to users, including: - Handle: make it easy to move the wings, limit impacts during use and transportation. - Safety lock: Frequent opening of the freezer will lose heat, reduce the freezing efficiency and consume a lot of unnecessary electricity. Safety lock will help users better control the freezer opening and closing. - Integrated wheels: Due to its large weight, it is difficult to transport the freezer. Thanks to the integrated wheels below the freezer, users will easily move the freezer in a more convenient and safe manner. - The freezer’s internal side is vertically designed, with flat surface: reducing snow accumulation during use, easily cleaning.


Usable capacity ( Litre )


Electrical power ( W )




Dimensions ( H× W × D ) mm

Detailed product parameters: Hoa Phat two-compartments two-wing Inverter freezer HCFI 606S2Đ2


Dimensions Height mm 1235
Width 610
Depth 915
Usable capacity Freezing compartment Litre 118
Cooling compartment 127
Total 245
Mode   Two modes (Frozen/Cool)
Inverter technology   Yes
Indoor unit material   Copper
Tempered glass   Yes
Number of compartments   2
Number of wings   2
Weight Kg 53
Color   White
Power source V/Hz 220V/50Hz
Electrical power W 50
Refrigerant   R600a


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