Funiki one-compartment two-wing display freezer HCF 800S1PĐG.N

Funiki one-compartment two-wing display freezer HCF 800S1PĐG.N


- Usable capacity: 445 liters

- Type of one-mode (freeze), two glass sliding doors

- Refrigerant R134a

Funiki display freezer HCF 800S1PĐG.N is manufactured through modern line, nice and reliable design and advanced and modern technologies. The compressor owns high-quality, quiet operation and fast cooling.

Energy saving – Fast cooling

Funiki Freezer HCF 800S1PDG.N sử dụng dàn lạnh bằng đồng sẽ giúp cho tủ hoạt động hiệu quả hơn rất nhiều, thời gian làm lạnh nhanh hơn, độ lạnh sâu hơn, nên có thời gian bảo quản thực phẩm tốt hơn, khả năng kháng khuẩn, chống nấm mốc hiệu quả hơn. Môi chất lạnh R134a đem tới hiệu quả làm lạnh tối ưu, tiết kiệm điện năng.

Easily observe the inside

Funiki display freezer HCF 800S1PDG.N has a modern design which is suitable for families, stores, and supermarkets with high demands in preservation of goods and products. The freezer is equipped with curved glass doors to help users easily observe and select the foods inside. The freezer’s glass layer is thick, with good bearing capacity and reduction of heat loss to the environment.

Safe food storage

The current demand for cold food preservation is sharply increasing, including both food businesses and busy families. Compared to the refrigerator, the freezer is a more efficient preservation method thanks to its fast cooling capacity that allows food to be stored longer. Thanks to deep, multi-dimensional cold technology, Hoa Phat freezer HCF 800S1PĐG brings a solution for deep freezing to ≤ -18° C, which preserves all nutrients and ensures safety and health for users.

1 dedicated compartment to optimally preserve food for a long time

Funiki display freezer HCF 800S1PĐG.N - one-compartment and one- mode (freeze) is designed with a dedicated freezing compartment which has a deep freezing temperature of ≤ -18°C, optimizing the freezing capacity. Thanks to such characteristics, the product provides a perfect preservation solution for some foods such as meat, fish, etc., for a long time. In addition, the freezer’s external side is arranged with a convenient temperature control knob, which helps users easily adjust the temperature to their needs while energy is saved.


Usable capacity ( Litre )


Electrical power ( W )




Dimensions ( W× D × H ) mm

Detailed product parameters: Funiki one-compartment two-wing display freezer HCF 800S1PĐG.N


Dimensions Width mm 1500
Depth 695
Height 850
Usable capacity Litre 445
Mode   One mode (freeze)
Type   Chest form, glass doors
Number of compartments   1
Number of wings   2
Weight Kg 75
Color   White
Power source V/Hz 220V/50Hz
Electrical power W 340
Refrigerant   R134a
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