Funiki FR-152CI refrigerator

Funiki FR-152CI refrigerator


- Usable capacity 147l

- Refrigerant R134a

- Cooling type: Gián tiếp/ Indirect

Funiki FR-152CI refrigerator is manufactured through modern lines and advanced technology. Manufactured by famous brands in the world, the compressors operate in a smooth and energy-saving manner.

SILVER NANO technology

Silver nano technology is used for Hoa Phat Funiki refrigerator FR-152CI. Silver nano has a microscopic molecular size, only 3 to 5 nanometers. Nano silver can kill harmful bacteria by directly enclosing the bacterial cell, breaking the cell's structure and disabling their growth. Silver nano technology not only helps the refrigerator have a sterile environment but also helps food to be better preserved, fresh for a long time and ensures the preservation of nutrients in food.

Large fruit and vegetable compartment, with high humidity retention

The humidity-balanced vegetable compartment is capable of maintaining the best humidity, effectively preserving vegetables and fruits and keeping them fresh longer. When the humidity is lower than the normal level, the compartment will limit humidity escape. And vice versa, when the humidity is higher than normal level, the compartment will release some air to maintain the humidity

Keeping food fresh

Thanks to multi-dimensional cooling technology of the Funiki refrigerator FR-152CI, cold air is evenly distributed in all compartments inside the refrigerator, ensuring that all food stored in the refrigerator fully receives cold air and keep the best freshness.

Capacity of large freezing compartment

Thanks to new design, larger freezing compartment capacity, Funiki refrigerator FR-152CI keeps food fresh for longer. With the smart ice tray, you only need to gently rotate it to get the ice without tray removal from the refrigerator.


Usable capacity ( Litre )


Electrical power ( W )


Cooling type


Dimensions (W×D×H) mm

Detailed product parameters: Funiki FR-152CI refrigerator


(Including base)
Height mm 1418
Width 582
Depth 490
Usable capacity Freezing compartment Litre 37
Cooling compartment 110
Total 147
Inverter technology   None 
Smart ice tray   Yes
Fruit and vegetable box   Yes
Butter and milk box for on wings   Yes
Weight Kg 37
Cooling type   Indirect
Color   Gray
Power source V/Hz 220V/50Hz
Electrical power W 90
Refrigerant   R134a


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